How to replace the blower motor assembly on a Renewaire EV Series

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The video below will explain how to replace the blower assembly on an BR70, BR130, EV70, EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200 and EV300 Renewaire ERV.  We always recommend to also replace the Renewaire Filters at the same time and cleanup the interior of your Renewaire ERV.

When ordering the Renewaire Replacement Blower Motor Assembly, please note that there are (2) different blower assemblies.  To make sure you order the correct one, please include the model number and serial number of the unit when placing the PO online on the notes/comments section at checkout.  Basically, before June 2006 there is one motor blower assembly and units made on June 2006 and after there is another motor blower assembly.

Below is a summary Table:

ERV Model Part Number
May 2006 or Before June 2006 or After
S/N E06 and Before S/N F06 and After
BR70 N/A 990050
EV70 N/A 990119
EV90/GR90 N/A 990449
EV130/PVS13 992218 990111
EV200/PVS20 992279 990121
EV240 N/A 990639
EV300 992280 990131






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  1. Phil Madson
    | Reply

    My blower motor for my EV130 (serial# AO2 9270) house bilt 2003 bit the dust. Watched Utube replacement video. My HVAC guy has dissed me. Need to see if I can real him back in or get another. So how do I or my guy order EV blower motor and what I approx cost?

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